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No Title Installation

No Title is an acrylic laser cut installation designed at Parsons. The idea was to simply explore different types of materials and laser cut technology. I designed a dodecahedron (12 regular pentagon sides) and laser cut the pattern on each of the sides. After building the structure I inserted a light source where, as a result, the pattern projected its shadows on the wall or any surface around it.

Images below show the first implementation of the dodecahedron at Union Square Park and watch people walk by and interact with it. Afterwards experimenting the dodecahedron indoors. The shadows of the laser cut design projected on the walls are very peaceful to observe.

Process: from paper prototype to real size structure. You can download the paper prototype file and the laser cut file to create your own. Scroll down to download.

Installation: Text
Installation: Pro Gallery

Download the files to create your own version.

Installation: Text
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